Hello World


Hi there! Thanks for taking a peek into our blog. I’m Reilly, and I’ll be writing about all things wedding. Before we jump on in, I wanted to take a minute, slow down, and introduce myself to you. After all, we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, and you ought to know who the person behind the post really is. I’m a Designer and Creative Director for Ragga Wedding, and I love art, writing, books, and traveling. I’ve been part of Raggamuffin since 2012, working my way from intern to professional blogger. (Dreams really do come true, my friend.)

These days I spend my time in the studio, fulfilling orders and designing new products; hanging out at local coffee shops blogging about weddings, and working behind the scenes on our social media accounts. When I’m not pursuing my dream career, I’m traveling, usually to a mountainous region, ancient forest, or waterfall. I love to seek hidden treasures and quiet moments in the wilderness.  I’m an obsessive hoarder of memories and photos, and I have way more pictures of sunrises and sunsets than any one person ever should. I am also a floral enthusiast. I occasionally work with fresh flowers, but fabric is where my heart truly lies. That's not to say I would ever turn down a bouquet of fresh blooms. I’m all about the unstructured, overgrown, wildflower style, so my work usually channels those elements with unexpected texture, color, and unique details.

Whether you are planning your own wedding, browsing for the future, or starting a family of your own, Ragga Wedding is here to share the very best ideas and inspiration for whatever season of life you are in. I'll be sharing wedding inspiration, behind the scenes previews, tips and tricks, and lots of DIY's for every bridal style, so be sure to tell me in the comments what you'd like to see featured. Cheers!